My Heaven on Earth; Spider Creek

I have been going to Spider Creek with my family for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest (and fondest) memories are of sleeping on the pull-out couch and being woken by the early sunrise or my father sneaking out the front door to get some morning fishing in. I would grab my cup of coffee and a few blankets and retreat to my favorite spot on earth: the swing on the back porch.

It's routine, every morning the same. And yet I never grow tired of this ritual. In fact, it's just the opposite. This humble place represents my heaven on earth and my home away from home. It is a place that I can just be still, just breath and pray and never speak a word. This place is the reason I know that God exists. How can I see beauty like this and not believe? How can I view this beautiful world around me and not recognize the hand of God at work?

Although I've grown and much has changed in my life, I always find myself yearning for this little slice of heaven. And I think I finally understand that no matter my age or circumstance, this will always be my safe haven, where I can close my eyes, exhale and recognize the beauty and grace all around me. No matter if I am sitting on my back porch or just imagining it. In this daydream, real or recalled, I am truly at peace. Thank you, Lord.

Enjoy the view for yourself :)

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