Sightseeing Sooners 2013

Sightseeing Sooners 2013 is done and officially mailed! I am so grateful to be able to work on a project with such a great company (the OU Alumni Association), audience base and creative freedom. It is every designer's dream and mine is coming true!

We experimented with white on white embossing for the catalog cover this year and the result is truly beautiful. See for yourself below (3rd photo)!

The Sightseeing Sooners 2013 campaign includes: new branding, trip catalog, envelope, "thank you" inserts, "trips offered" cover slip and a short, informative postcard.

2013 logo / campaign material / catalog cover / 2 full spreads in catalog / "thank you" insert (front and back)

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  1. Love the white pages with photos. So so pretty. -Stephanie