Thinking of London as my best friend lands there today; Tower Bridge (#1)

I have never posted about the Tower Bridge (at least not yet!) which seems ironic because this was my favorite "attraction" of London. I was amazed at the ornate beauty of this structure in person. Also, being strategically placed next door to the Tower of London, there is a great contrast between great beauty and great conquest.

I took way too many photos (not true - there is no such thing as this) on our trip to the bridge that March day, and my family members yelled at me more than once to put the camera down and keep walking. Although, being about 20 meters behind, I pretended not to hear! It was absolutely well worth the wait for me to have this last experience in London. Welcome to the Tower Bridge.

(and have an amazing time in London town, Caroline. I can't wait to share this experience with you back home!)


  1. that's the Tower bridge. London Bridge is in Arizona.