Summer bucket list; child-edition

Is it just me or does everyone miss their childhood summers around this time of year? I miss the good old days (although I may not call them 'old' just yet). I miss my younger self's summer to do lists, where the most important items seemed to consist of sno-cones and library cards. I also miss the fact that I haven't done many of those things in years, and there is no real excuse of it.

So I am giving up the 'grown-up' way of thinking and resorting back to the way summer should be.

And here it is, my bucket list for Summer 2012, child-edition! 
(please be aware that many more will most likely be added.)

01. get a library card (plus see item 2) and create a summer reading list.
02. read a book a week, and record it.
03. "bake" an egg on the hot concrete.
04. take more bike rides, jump on a trampoline, and invest in some sweet roller blades to ride around town in.
05. have a tea party with friends.
06. swim. all day.
07. go to a movie before 3 pm, and get a 'kiddy pack.' who can say no to popcorn, a drink, and candy?
08. get an icee for helping my mom pull weeds, maybe even a $1 too if I'm lucky!
09. have a bake sale and a lemonade stand and perhaps a garage sale to accompany it?
10. get a double-scoop ice cream cone at the local ice-cream shop.
11. sew more.
12. play the piano more.
13. write more. add some make-believe stories for good measure.
14. and learn something new.
15. spend an entire day in bed, curled up with a good book (I really miss this).
16. tell a joke everyday, even if I am the only one who thinks it is funny.
17. have more sleepovers with friends.
18. stay up all night watching (scary) movies.
19. late night sno-cones and sitting at the park.
20. dream of what I want to be when I grow up. nothing is off limits!

It looks like I have a lot to do, so no time to waste! And please come along for the ride.

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