Senior Capstone 2012; School of Art

I always look forward to this time of the year, not only because of classes ending but also because of the Senior Capstone Exhibition set up at the School of Art every year. I love getting to view the incredible talent that we have here at OU and the School of Art in particular, and I always love being inspired by those individuals doing exactly what I will be doing (and want to be doing) in only one short year.

I am slightly biased towards the Graphic Designers (for obvious reasons) but I always find the studio, photography, and film and video capstones equally captivating. Perhaps because I am not surrounded by their talent each day and do not get to see most of their work prior to the show, but also because they are doing things that I am not, and frankly probably could not. But, regardless, that is why everyone has their own nitch, and I am happy to have found mine in design.

Here's to all the incredible artists (from all forms of the craft) and to their truly outstanding work that needs some much deserved credit. After all, these guys are the artistic future for us all!

  [photo credits]
1. studio piece by Jessica Schlarb (literally the most amazing artist I have seen) 
2. and 3. visual communications designs
4. graphic design friends from my class. Watch out, we will be next!
5. senior viscomm work - Megan Gessouroun
6. (below) photography piece

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