Movie Theater Balcony; oh the small joys of being 21!

At the local movie theater in Moore you have to be 21 in order to even get on the balcony. Naturally, I have never gotten to partake in this "right of passage," that was until last night*! I am still not sure if the $18 price tag is completely worth it but I do think it must be tried at least once. I mean, what's not to love about the personal wait staff, oversized foam chairs, and heated seats? Plus, the arm rests go up to make your very own "love seat." So thank you to my mother who was my date for the night - my love seat would have been lonely without you!

*On a side note, we saw the Avengers and it was great! Who would have known that I (and the entire theater, for that matter) would be laughing so much! And I have decided that I would choose Iron Man, or should I just say Robert Downing, Jr., out of all the heroes. There's always a winner in a brilliant man who can make you laugh - not that the body suit hurts.

Outside the theater // Sister & Ashley // Ordering a glass of wine on the balcony! // Date night with mum

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