Western Ireland; first of many, I'm sure!

On Friday our group took an all day coach trip to the west coast of Ireland. We made our way from Dublin to the White Cliffs of Moher to Galway and back. Although Dublin was wonderful, I was blown away by the beauty of the countryside of Ireland. Getting away from the city opened us up to rural Ireland, made up of simple living and brilliant landscapes, of rich history and continued traditions. Discovering this part of Ireland is something that the city simply cannot give, and I'm glad it didn't.

These photos are from one of our stops along the rocky coast of the Atlantic ocean. The wind was absolutely crazy this day, as you can see from the water crashing onto the rocks. It almost reminded me of back home in OK! The weather did make for some incredible photos, however. At one beach we even saw waves at least 15 feet high, which was a first for me! All in all, eastern Ireland was my favorite destination thus far, so I should forewarn you now, there will be lots of photos to come.

1. Off the Galway coast 2. Fence of boulders 3. John and I 4. Galway coast near sunset

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