Thoughts of the Day + Fountains

I feel absolutely blessed to be traveling in England/Europe the past few months. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from this new culture, to meet incredible people, and strengthen my career knowledge as well. But above all, I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this chance to find myself and discover a whole new world. 

I find myself taking walks around Reading and intentionally getting lost because I do not want to miss the beauty all around me. Perhaps because I have not grown up in this land, but everything surrounding me is absolutely beautiful, from the small details of the moss covered fences to the architecture of an entire building. And the theme is the same from these walks and all my days here, that I am overwhelmed by the glory of God and how awesome his works are. I hope I always have the eye to see this beauty, not only in nature but in people as well. Thanks be to the Lord for this adventure of mine! I hope to serve him well.

At the fountains in "The City of Art" in Valencia. Absolutely breathtaking!

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  1. Yet again, you have made me extremely proud and humble to be your uncle! If you truly want to see God's beauty… Find a mirror forth with!