Spanish Update; Day 2 (on a bus!)

On the bus heading to Valencia, Spain to see an old friend and travel with new ones! The Spanish countryside is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it makes the 4-hour drive worth it. I love being in an area with so much beauty and history. Buildings are older than 400 years and even a simple post box is ornate and elegant. It sort of blows my mind.

Last night we visited the Sofia Museum in Madrid and got the chance to view Picasso's "Guernica." Being the art nerd that I am, I was overwhelmed with excitement by this trip. To have the chance to view some incredible ability and important pieces of modern art, and history in general, was just another high point of this little Spanish vacation. There was even a typography posters series centrally located within the contemporary art, which I promptly took out my camera for and just as quickly got asked to put it up. I can't resist a good piece of design and especially a good photo of one!

Were off to try some famous paella in it's birthplace of Valencia, and hopefully some churros as well (I have been dying to try one since we got here!). Three days is simply not enough time. I feel like I could stay for years. A big thanks to Spain for not dissapointing!

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